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「Info and Terms」



【CEO】Corey Turpin

【Address】Shizuoka Pref., Shizuoka City, Aoi Ward, Hitoyado-cho 2-6-3, JAPAN  



【Shipping】Shipping costs (tax included) are as displayed in our shipping list according to region. 

【Days required】We generally ship all products within 7 business days after purchase. If there is any delay we will notify customers by email. 

【Returns】We will replace damaged or spoiled products within 7 days of arrival. Please contact us by email within 7 days to replace your purchase. If that item is no longer in stock we will refund the purchase. 

Note: Please follow storage directions. We will not replace or refund purchases with any damage, mold, or insects infestation due to improper storage.

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