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Site Usage

How to purchase

  • Please choose your preferred item from the shop page, click on "put into cart" or "purchase" and complete the information on the check out page.

  • After you place an order, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. If you still do not receive an email after a short while, please check your spam folder.

Shipping Info

  • 基本的にお送りするボックスサイズは3つあり、注文内容に合わせて大きさを選ばせていただくことありますが、原則として以下のような詰め合わせとなります。There are three general sizes of boxes we ship purchases in. We take the liberty of choosing the box size depending on the order, however they usually hold the following assortments. 

  • [SMALL]  Click Post (Size of A4 paper, 3cm thick): Holds 1 to 7 packs of 21 count.

  • [MEDIUM] Youpack size 60: Holds up to 2 x 100 count, 1 x 500 count. 

  • [LARGE] Youpack size 80: Holds Starter Pack, up to 2 x 500 count, 5 x 100 PREMIUM, 1 x 250 PREMIUM, 1 x 500 PREMIUM, and all other assortments. 

  • During rainy seasons or seasons of high humidity, we may ship in a multi-use ziplock bag for storage. In this case, we send orders of 1 x 500 count in a [MEDIUM] box. 

Days required.

  • We generally ship all products within 7 business days after purchase is confirmed.


Payment Methods

  • We accept the following payment methods.

    ●Credit Card
    ●Convenience Store


Shipping Costs.

  • All shipping costs outside of campaigns differ according to the region of Japan.

    Shipping cost graph below.

[SMALL] All 200 yen.

[MEDIUM] Shizuoka - 700 yen, Central Japan - 800 yen, Chugoku/Shikoku - 900 yen, Kyushu - 1000 yen, Okinawa - 1200 yen, Hokkaido - 1300 yen.

[LARGE] Shizuoka - 900 yen, Central Japan - 1000 yen, Chugoku/Shikoku - 1100, Kyushu - 1200 yen, Okinawa - 1500 yen, Hokkaido - 1500 yen.


セジー 送料一覧表


  • 不良品

  • お届けした商品に破損や不具合があった場合のみ、商品交換いたします。商品到着後7日以内にメールにてご連絡ください。

  • 返品期限

  • 原則商品到着後7日以内とさせていただきます。この期限を過ぎた場合、返品・交換をお受けできなくなります。

  • 返品送料

  • 商品交換の際は、当方で送料を負担いたします。送料着払いにてお送りください。

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